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Publishing and translating regulated information is governed by a demanding framework and managing these publications involves meeting tight deadlines and budgets, using the latest technological tools and meeting high quality and compliance requirements. To ensure this while lightening the workload of your teams, we provide bespoke and rigorous assistance using our robust and proven methodology.

Our solutions:

  • Integration of processes with clients, based on recommendations made by our experts, and ensuring the reliability of linguistic resources and terminology, in line with the expectations of your stakeholders and the financial markets (legal, governance, accounting, financial, IFRS, CSR, business lines, etc.)
  • Setting up a dedicated team,
  • Establishing and monitoring deadlines in agreement with your teams and partners,
  • Implementing innovative technologies and mastering the use of different tools and platforms (PomDoc, Workiva, EOL., InDesign).
  • Reporting and follow-up.

Our services:

  • Personalised support from permanent teams throughout the year,
  • 24/7 availability of our teams,
  • An agnostic translation solution with respect to your tools and platforms (PomDoc, Workiva, EOL., InDesign),
  • Expert translators available on your site,
  • A controlled budget with no hidden costs,
  • Control of terminology, in accordance with regulations

Our expertise:

  • Universal Registration Documents
  • Annual and half-yearly financial reports
  • Activity reports
  • ESG, climate and sustainable development reports
  • Integrated reports
  • Notice of meeting brochures