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We work with financial translators who are subject-matter experts with numerous years’ experience in financial translation. Our linguists were often previously employed in the finance sector or have worked as employees within financial institutions. Their thorough knowledge of corporate finance, asset management, your business line terminology and your communication style are key strengths in producing high-quality, multilingual financial translations. We offer translator profile tests so that you can select the team of translators and proof-readers who will be assisting you over time with all your publications. When translating regulatory documents, we provide a multidisciplinary team made up of both financial and legal translation experts. Our robust translation and review process is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Global reach, local expertise

  • 3 offices on 3 continents
  • 24/7 translation service
  • Local project managers and professional linguists
  • Continuous support for urgent, same-day requests
  • 800+ financial linguist experts
  • 70+ target languages
  • Scalable translation services

Translation and terminology management

  • Extracting, creating, and enriching your terminology
  • Terminology database creation and update (translation memories and glossaries)
  • Investor Relation terminology compliant with IFRS
  • Glossaries and terminology shared online
  • Automatic content retrieval (pre-translated and validated content)
  • Customised translation workflows
  • Terminology consistency through the automatic terminology application
  • Quality assurance tools and reports
  • Collaborative features: content review in context, track changes, version comparison, comments
  • All language combination capabilities
  • All file type compatibility (Microsoft Suite, InDesign, Illustrator, etc.)
  • Customized translation memories and glossaries to your corporate guidelines

Best-in-class Translation Management Systems

  • Automated project tracking for Project Managers
  • Continuous assessment of linguists
  • Centralised customer instructions and preferences
  • Project follow-up in real time
  • KPIs and customized reports
  • Messaging features
  • Secure portal and customer access

We translate:


  • Pitch books, white papers
  • Web content
  • Monthly & quarterly comments
  • Fund reports
  • RFPs
  • KIIDs, Prospectus, Annual Reports
  • Policies, GDPR, IMAs
  • Contracts and Internal policies


  • Financial press releases
  • Financial presentations, roadshows
  • Financial reports
  • Registration documents
  • Shareholder newsletters
  • Audited accounts
  • Shareholders' meeting documents